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Peacock Student Board Minutes

Peacock Student Board Meeting
Monday September 12, 2005

Dara Sussman- President
Mike Spaziani- Vice President
Niki Kramer- Secretary
Trevor Buteau- Treasurer
Lauren Cassidy- Liaison to the Board of Directors
*The terms for each member of the board is one school year, from fall to spring*

This was basically a meeting to decide what the student board should be for and what things it should do. There was a lot of brainstorming about different ideas, projects and tasks to be taken on by the board and the peacock kids in general.

Ideas for improvements:
• Have fundraisers for a peacock scholarship
• A suggestion box for the kids to give ideas
• Satisfaction forms after each show and class to get feedback on what worked and what didn’t work so well
• Using the giant calendar on the wall more to inform the peacocks not only when they have to be at rehearsal, but when other people will be at the theater as well
• Doing community service around Nashua- Soup kitchen etc.

Ideas for fundraisers:
• September- movie night
• October- Halloween party/ possibly a haunted house
• Variety show
• Dance/ semi formal
• Open mic night
• Cost could be about $5 each
• Possibly do these once a month/ on improv show nights so that we would already have the theater

*The next meeting will be on Monday September 19, 2005 at 5:00*
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